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Intro: This is the information that I can offer now. Cypros implements CEPT Recommendation TR 61-01 and no separate license is needed if you have joined CEPT. For other than CEPT countries the following is the best information that we have.

The Permanent Secretary
Ministry of Communications and Works
PO Box 24647

Telephone +357 22 814 840)
Fax +357 22 321 925
Email: info.dec at

Paperwork needed:
Your licence and a photocopy (for your file - they can do it there)
The best way to get a license:
Visit the Ministry in person: 8am - noon, Mon - Fri
C10 per year, plus a C10 issuing fee, and a C15 administration fee (I think these are current)
Special calls:
For special events, contests and so on
How long before you can operate?
Under CEPT, immediately with no need to visit - immediately with an interim visitor's permit (free from the ministry) - usually within a month but can take longer for a full licence
License restrictions:
A (5B4 - CEPT 1) and B (5B8 - CEPT 2) as per UK regulations, but no /AM, /MM or satellite operation without a variation - to do /M, advise the ministry of your registration number to allow checks if the police challenge you (not sure how this works with CEPT though) available immediately on request - best to make a personal visit to do this
Not usually a problem for visitors, but the duty charged (when it is) is usually at the interpretive whim of the particular Customs officer
Useful local contacts:
Places to operate from:
Not a good idea to operate in the occupied areas. Though technically they are still 5B, the Turkish authorities take a dim view. Also, do not contact pirate 1B1 stations as the Nicosia authorities get upset. Finally, ONLY ZC4 licence holders may operate within the SBAs (UK Sov. Base Areas on Cyprus). There is no reciprocal arrangement with any country (except G) including 5B. ZC4 licences are ONLY available to British Forces personnel and permanent residents within the SBAs. In addition, mobile/portable operation is forbidden with the SBAs as is operating as 5B or CEPT while transiting through.

Jon Carp < g8xft at >

Addition from Steve Bryan [g0sgb at]
Date 12.7.2006

If you have a good and plausible reason you can try to apply at Capt Bill Walker, J6 Branch, HQ BFC, BFPO 53; tel in UK 00-357-25962167. He needs a copy of YOUR current Licence and Good reason why you want to operate on the SBAs in Cyprus.

73 Steve G0SGB

DX Holiday ZC4 U.K. Base, Cyprus

Addition From: "Spyros Stavrinides" < ssltd at >
Date: Sun, 7 Jan 2001 19:01:34 +0200

Dear Veikko, Thanks for your email and the very useful work you are doing to the Amateur Community. I shall publish the reference in the next issue of our newsletter. I have checked the information on Cyprus and I must congratulate you that it is very good. Unfortunately some of it is not current. Please find attached the latest version of the information email I send to those requesting info on operating from Cyprus. You may update some of your information on this. Also, the names of the Minister, and director of communications have changed and, to be honest I don't see the point of writing the names of the Minister, Permanent Secretary and Director of Communications on such a web page. Even we as CARS do not write names on our correspondence with the Ministry but just address everything to "The Director, Ministry of Communications and Works, Nicosia". Licence fees are now CY20 / year. I don't know of the current level of issuing fees (today 1 USD =  CYP).


Cyprus has signed the CEPT Licence agreement and therefore Amateurs who hold a CEPT Licence can operate from Cyprus by signing /5B4.

Remember to bring with you and have on you whenever your operating your CEPT licence as the Police is a little sensitive these days to foreigners going around with radio equipment.

Because of the CEPT agreement you can import, on a temporary basis if you do not intend to leave your equipment here and therefore pay the relevant import duties, your Amateur Radio Equipment into the island. The Ministry of Communications has sent a circular to the Customs Department informing them of this. Unfortunately you may occassionally meet with a customs officer who has not read or does not remember this circular and who will insist that it is not allowed to import such equipment. In that case please try to contact the Ministry of Communications and Works at the number below. Unfortunately the Ministry works 7.45-14.30 on weekdays only.

If you have any problems while in Cyprus you can try to communicate with the following:
Ministry of Communications & Works (07.30 - 14.30) in Nicosia
02-800207 (Mr Antonis Antoniades)
02-800208 (Mr Stavros Gerosimou)
02-800211 (General Number)
02-776254 (Fax Number)
CARS President: Andreas Mavrides 5B4LP on mobile phone 09-621397
CARS Secretary: Spyros Stavrinides 5B4MF, 02-434131(W), 02-435114(H), 09-620274(Mobile)
CARS Committee Member: Phidias Spanias on mobile phone 09-657572

In Cyprus we have, on paper at least, 5 VHF and 1 UHF repeater but not all are operational all the time as we have many technical problems with the repeaters themselves and also a lot of problems with permits relating to the location of the repeaters.
Most repeaters need tones in order to be accessed.
R0 145.600 No tone (Currently not installed)
R2 145.650 Vavatsinia 88.5 Hz
R4 145.700 Limassol 88.5 Hz
R5 145.725 Troodos 88.5 Hz (Out of order)
R6 145.750 Paphos 88.5 Hz (installed temporarily at 5B4VL)

The input offset for all these repeaters is -600KHz.

RU 439.600 No tone
The input offset for this repeater is -5MHz (434.600 MHz).

A DX Packet cluster operates in Nicosia under the auspices of the Nicosia DX Group. The cluster is on 144.675 MHz and has the callsign 5B4NDX. Sysop is Andreas 5B4LP. Visitors to Cyprus are most welcome to connect on 5B4NDX.
Two nodes can be used to access 5B4NDX:
Node 5B4CYA-1 (alias ONE)
Node 5B4CYA-9 (alias CYP96)
Both nodes are on 144.675

The cluster is connected via internet link to European and American Clusters to get and give out DX spots.

Please remember to always give out your QSL info whenever you operate on the air from Cyprus as many Amateurs will want your QSL card. The 5B4 QSL bureau gets many QSL cards that are addressed to foreign amateurs who have operated from Cyprus and these QSL cards are usually destroyed as CARS has neither the information nor the funds to forward these cards to their intended recipients.

We wish you an enjoyable stay on the Island and an even more enjoyable Ham Radio operation.

On behalf of the Cyprus Amateur Radio Society,
Spyros Stavrinides 5B4MF <
ssltd at >

Update by Kwac Ka <kwacka222 at>
Date: 13.4.2013

many thanks for all your work on the site regarding various country's licensing requirements.

Updating for the Cyprus laws can be found at:


If it would be helpful for me to post a precis to you please let me know.

Paul, 5B8BA

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