Licensing information for East Timor, 4W

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Status: April 2000, June 2003, Jan 2004, May 2006, ‘08

Intro: The International Telecommunications Union has communicated to the United Nations the assignment of the prefix block 4WA-4WZ for use by radio stations within the areas administered by
UNTAET (United Nations Temporary Administration of East Timor). This prefix assignment is for the use of UNTAET as long as it exists, and will be released to the ITU at the end of its existence.

(Through UNTAET and UN as long as they administrate the area of East Timor.) See Addition
Autoridade Reguladora das Comunicoes (ARCOM)
Av Bispo de Modeiros,
Tel. +670 333 1163 /9330 / 9341 /9343
Fax. +670 333 9339
Email: arcom-info at

UN stations within East Timor may be assigned 4U prefixes for official use, while UN Amateur stations may use the prefix 4U1. This includes the UN Amateur Radio Club station, 4U1ET. Licensed operators operating these stations will act in a manner as to be consistent with the primary purpose of the Amateur Service, as defined by the ITU, and will avoid participation in activities which may imply official commitment or approval by the United Nations or in activities of a commercial nature or otherwise inconsistent with the Amateur Service.

All other private and Amateur Radio stations in East Timor will use the prefix 4W6. Individuals who expect to be there less than one year would use 4W6/ home call, while those who will be there in excess of one year may obtain 4W6 callsigns. Permanent residents of East Timor who were previously licensed may also obtain permanent callsigns.

Radio equipment used must be designed or modified exclusively for Amateur Radio use, not currently used military or commercial units. Radio equipment used in the Amateur Service may not be used for other services within East Timor.

CEPT licenses are accepted, with the provision that all users of such licenses must give prior notification to the UN Telecommunications Offices, and wait for approval by the UN prior to operating. Notification must include a copy of the operator's license, and a mailing address.

Third party traffic is permitted within the area, and with countries that permit third party traffic.

Those who might want to operate from East Timor should have all entry clearances in hand before applying for operating permission, including notifying the UN of intention to use a CEPT license, and receiving the approval of the UN before commencing operations.

Notifications or applications should go to:

Mr. Alain C. Moerenhout, Telecommunications Service
405 East 42nd Street
Room S-1931B
New York NY 10017
FAX: (212)-963-1939

For DXCC purposes, UN Temporary Administration of East Timor will be added to the DXCC List with the effective date of March 1, 2000. QSL cards for QSOs made after that date will be accepted on and after October 1, 2000.

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Addition from: Michael Dirksen [ Michael.Dirksen at ]
Date: 22.5.2006

I just returned from the East Timor telecom ministry; ARCOM. I got a ham radio license issued within 5 days (incl a weekend) ! The staff is very cooperative.

If future operators would like to get a license. They can apply to Head of ARCOM directly:

Nicolau Santos Celestino 
nicolau.celestino at
+670 7230205 
+670 3339330

At the moment the license is free of charge. This might change in the future as regulations will be implemented next year. It depends a bit on when the law will be adopted.

73 de Michael 
PA5M 4W6AAB, 3Y0X, XR9A/MM, 6O0M, TZ6M, TY5M, 5U7DX, 9N7M, 9U5M, A61AJ 
Michael Dirksen 
o/m East-Timor Snr.
Telecom Specialist / Teamleader 
Email : michael.dirksen at 

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