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Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & ON6TZ - Wim & G3SWH - Phil & G5XW Russell & 9M6DXX - Steve
Status: April 1997, July '99 links added, Sept '99 update, Jan '01 & May '06, 08

Intro: Despite the dangerous situation in the North and NEast (Tamil ethnic problems), the rest of the island is ABSOLUTELY SAFE. A license will be issued to visiting radio amateur without too much of problems for a holiday trip on the West or South Coast of the island.

Please address your letter, e-mail or fax to Eng. (Ms.) Ramanie Indikadulle, Engineer/Spectrum Management. Please do this as early as possible because TRC has to obtain clearance from Defence Department.
276 Elvitigala Mawatha
Manning Town
Colombo 8
Sri Lanka

Tel +94 11 268 3843 / 9345
Fax +94 11 268 9341
Email dgtsl at

Paperwork needed:
- filled application
- copy of your original license
- copy of reciprocal agreement (if available)
- two passport photographs
- technical spec of equipment
- description of antenna system
- document from local police about your reputation
The best way to get a license:
The TELECOM AUTHORITY will forward your application for clearance from the Minister of DEFENCE. Since a couple of years they need a document from your local police stating that you are not involved in any criminal business...You have to go yourself to TELECOM to pick-up your licence and sign it in presence of 2 witnesses (yes sir).
500 SL rupees (for 1 year or for 1 day = same price) equivalent to about 10 US$.
Money order drawn in favour of the Director General of Telecommunications A/C No.13298 Central Bank of Sri Lanka.
Special calls:
License is most likely 4S7/your call. To "friends" it can be a shorter one 4S7***..
How long before you can operate?
Three months (officially)
License restrictions:
Useful local contacts:
3 Ramya road
Issadeen Town
PHONE +94-41-25 107 (maybe old)
He is the right man for licence problems.
4S7EA, Ernest (COLOMBO) and 4S7NE (NEGOMBO) can also give help. And don't hesitate to ask from ON6TZ, ex 4S7TZG, ex ON6TZ/4S7, ex 4S7/ON4IPA who has been active in SRI LANKA since 1983 and will be pleased to answer all your questions.
Places to operate from:
A good (and cheap) place is AMBALANGODA, 85km South of Colombo. 4S7BRG, Mario PRIMAVESI (=HB9BRM)
327/3 Main street AMBALANGODA
He is the right man on the right place to inform and advise you about the guesthouses. He (sometimes) has a place for rent.


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ELBERS Wim <wimelbers at>

73 de Wim ON6TZ.

Addition From: Wim ELBERS <wimelbers at>
Date: Mon, 06 Sep 1999

The name of the man-in-charge for delivering the guest-licence in Sri Lanka is:
Assistant Director of the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Sri Lanka.
276 Elvitigala Mawatha
Manning Town
Colombo 8
Sri Lanka

Tel +941 683843 or +941 689345
Fax +941 689341
Email dgtsl at

73 de Wim ON6TZ, 4S7TZG

Addition From: Phil Whitchurch Phil at
Date: Thu, 4 Jan 2001 10:48:00 +0000

Good morning and a happy new year to you.

You may be interested in adding some of the following information to your notes about guest licensing in Sri Lanka, as fell foul of their Customs regulations during my last year's trip. This was because the airline lost two of my three bags, one of which contained the R-7000 antenna and the other the MFJ antenna analyser, Morse key, headphones etc. - as well as my clothes. It was when the airline presented these two bags a few days later for Customs clearance that the need for the additional documentation came to light. I carried the radio, laptop computer etc. in my hand luggage through the "green" channel without
incident, and was able to mount a limited operation.

In addition to the licence document, which was easily obtained with the assistance of Dammika Fernando, 4S7DF <
damrad at > who is the President of the Radio Society of Sri Lanka < >.

One of the clauses of the licence document is that you are only permitted to operate from the specific address stated on the licence - operation from alternative or portable locations is not strictly permitted. As I was moving around the country quite extensively, I notified the authorities of my itinerary and they raised no objections.

To be able to import any sort of equipment into Sri Lanka requires an additional document called an "equipment release letter" from the Sri Lankan authorities to present to the Customs on arrival. There is no mention of this requirement on the RSSL web site. Obtaining this document can take 2-3 months and the procedure is not clear. I understand that most visiting amateurs (like me) take their chances with the "Green" channel.

I believe that it was only the unforeseen problem resulting from the baggage loss which created the difficulties which I experienced.

Hope this feedback is of some help.

73, Phil Whitchurch, G3SWH

Addition from Russell [ russell at ]
Date: 20.5.2006

I have information about Sri Lanka I have been making plans to go there but have found out new details.

Mr. Gaffore has now retired and letters need to be sent to ""Please address your letter, e-mail or fax to Eng. (Ms.) Ramanie Indikadulle, Engineer/Spectrum Management. Please do this as early as possible because TRC has to obtain clearance from Defence Department.""

hope this info will be of help 

Regards Russell G5XW
russell at 

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