Licensing information for Mauritius - 3B8 and Rodrigues - 3B9

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke & VE7SBO - Bill & EA3ELM - Lluis & DL6UAA - Mart & G3PJT - Bob & 3B8MM - Mart & G4BVY Roger & 9M6DXX - Steve
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Intro: If you have a foreign ham license, you will have no problems to get a license for Mauritius. In case of Rodrigues, and especially Agalega or St. Brandon, you should go to the ICTA office in person and you need local/landing permissions to go there.

PTT (from ITU database):
Information & Communication Technology Authority (ICTA)
Level 12
The Celicourt
6 Sir Celicourt Antelme Street


Telephone +230 211 5333 / 4
Fax +230 211 9444
Email: icta at

Paperwork needed:
* application
* photocopy of passport
* photocopy of license
* 2 photographs
The best way to get a license:
Send application to the above address at least 6 months before arrival to Mauritius. Send a copy of all documents to Mauritius Amateur Radio Society: MARS, P.O.Box 104, Quatre Bornes, Mauritius. This will enable MARS to give required information if needed by Telecoms Authority or Security personal. Also this will help MARS to follow the progress of the application.
Price: Licence fee is now 1000 rupees (about 25). Do not send money but collect your license from ICTA when you have arrived.
Special calls:
How long before you can operate?
6 months before arrival
License restrictions:
Useful local contacts:
Places to operate from:

DX Holiday 3B8 - Mauritius

For travel info see: Destination Mauritius and SubWWWay to Africa and Mauritius Welcomes You

After our operation from mauritius I will send you, via post mail, the documentation for to get now the license for 3b8. also, in this moment and after elections, the position of the first ministery office is "no license for tourist for rodrigues, agalega, st. brando"

73' lluis/ea3elm

Addition from DL6UAA: 16 Jan 1998


Here is additional info abt application for a licence in 3B8. Price is 250RS (~25DM). Send application minimum 3 months before arriving 3B8 to PTT. For guests there exists only a short time licence (3month).

best 73 de Mart DL6UAA

ex S79UAA, 3B8/.. OH0/.. OK8DDB

Addition From: Robert Whelan < Bob_G3PJT at >

Just a small point.

Although two contact names are given in the info the one you want is Mr Beeharee. Also it is very important to keep Jacky 3B8CF informed as he is very helpful to get the necessary permissions etc. Allow plenty of time for application and remember that you have to go to the Telecoms Authority in Port Loius to see Mr Beharree in person to get the licence letter and pay the fee.

73 Bob 3B8/G3PJT in March 1999

Jacky is 3b8cf at

Addition From: "Roger Dixon" < roger at >
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2001 18:40:43

I've just returned from 3B8 after two weeks enjoyable operating. Apparently I was the first person to get approval since the elections. I applied in December, about 12 weeks before our trip, and got the approval fax the day before we were due to depart. Licence fee is now 1000 rupees (about 25). Operation was from the Shandrani hotel who gave permission in advance from information I e-mailed to them. I believe I was the first station to operate from that hotel.
73s Roger, (3B8)/G4BVY

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