Licensing information for Monaco - 3A

Prepared by: OH2MCN - Veke, W8MV - Melvin, F5VKV / IZ1EGT - Fabio
Status: January 1997, Feb '98, June '98, Dec '99 links added, Nov '07

Intro: This is the information needed for non CEPT countries. CEPT information is given under CEPT. You shall inform PTT about your CEPT activity.

Direction des télécommunications
23, Avenue Prince Héréditaire Albert

Telephone +377 97 98 5656
Fax +377 97 98 5657

Paperwork needed:
The best way to get a license:
I recently obtained a temporary Monaco license by the following steps
(US now CEPT):

1. Obtain a French reciprocal license by following steps listed on the web page. Make sure the French license is valid for the time that you will be in Monaco.
2. Write a letter requesting a temporary Monaco amateur license. State what equipment you will use and what dates you plan to operate in Monaco.
3. Fax your letter, your French license and your US license to
M. André Bertholier, 3A2DW
Directeur des Télécommunications
or mail copies to same person at
23 Avenue Prince Hered. Albert
4. Upon arriving in Monaco, go to the above address and M. Bertholier will issue you the license.

By Melvin C. Vye W8MV

Special calls:
How long before you can operate?
License restrictions:
Useful local contacts:
Places to operate from:

From: Fabio Roccatagliata [roccaf at]
Date: 2.11.2007
3A Monaco update

Dear friend,

Just wanted to inform you that the inspector at the Telecommunication Office in Monaco has changed. Mr Bertholier got retired last Feb. 07 and his position is now held by Mr. Frederic Rue.

People can address an email to him in order to get information and to get a local license (for non CEPT license holders) or just to inform PTT about your activity to be done (for CEPT license holders). His email is: frue at 

This information has also been confirmed by Mr. Christian Palmaro, Telecommunication License Office Manager where Mr. Bertholier (3A2DW) previously worked.

Best regards, Fabio


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