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If a rig is connected to the serial port of a computer, the memory channels may be handled with the Memori program. Icom rigs with the CI-V cable work (IC-706 MKIIG, IC-737, IC-7000, IC-746, IC-756 Pro III tested) as well as the Kenwood (TS-570D, TS-570DG, TS-870S, TS-2000) and Yaesu (FT-920, FT-1000 models and FT-2000).

- Load from Rig writes the contents of checked memory channels to program
- Save to File saves all channels into a text file
- Load from File loads them from the file to the program
- Save to Rig writes the checked channel frequencies from the program to the rig
- Stop stops the rig loading
- Clicking the channel number brings the memory frequency forth and opens the rig with the settings of the channel.
- If loading or saving leaves channels empty, the Channel Interval time should be increased.

New version 3.0.3  [20/5/2010]
Load first time installation memoristp.exe 486 kb or Memori.exe only 205 kb

- Load Memori from QSLnet, memoristp.zip or ( Memori.zip )
- Load Memori from HTVnet, memoristp.zip or ( Memori.zip )
- Load Memori from MBnet, memoristp.zip or ( Memori.zip )

In spite of the careful testing the author cannot guarantee the program not causing any harm to the OS or the rig etc.!


 Hamloki Programs