Return of Porkkala 50 years

According to the peace treaty of the Second World War, Finland had to rent Porkkala Cape to Soviet Union for 50 years as a military base. That period started in autumn 1944 and Finnish people living in that area had only 9 days time to move away before Soviet troups came in. During that time the whole area with distance only 30 kilometres to Helsinki was totally closed to Finnish people and army. Due to the good phase in international political climate that area was returned to Finland already only after 11 years on 26th of January 1956, which was great relief to Finnish people.

Local radioamateur club station OH2ET is celebrating the 50th anniversary on Jan 26th 2006 by being on the air on SSB, CW and RTTY at least on 20 and 80 metres. History of Porkkala.

OH2PLA will also be active starting from 13:00 UTC on Jan 26th from Porkkala. The same callsign was active 50 years earlier as well as the first amateur radio station from returned Porkkala.