Who is OH2EC?

I was born in Turku - Finland, in 1952.

In the early 60's I started to buid some simple radios, crystal sets and one or two transistor radios.

My father, Onni - OH2ET, got his licence in 1956, and he was active in ham radio from 1967 till 1976.

He was SK in 1976.

In those years we have built several HF-transceivers like the SB100, SB102, HW101, HW202, all by Heathkit.

We also built a linear amplifier using 2 x 813 tubes.

Regarding antennas, we built several diferent ones like qubical quads, dipoles, and VHF yagis.

I got my first licence (tehcnical license) in 1972, and my callsign was OH2AXF.

In the first times was QRV only on 2m band, later on 6m band with home brewed radios and antennas.

I have my present call - OH2EC - since in 2006. I'm QRV also on HF bands.

I worked for Nokia Mobile Phones 32 years.

Started as a serviceman, later I worked as Tecnical Advisor, working with GSM, CDMA, and WCDMA cellular phones.

Now I'm retired, therefore I have lots of time to build and develop new antennas, radios, amplifiers, etc.

I have improved the W3DZZ antenna adding 20m/15m/10m bands and designed from stracth a 50Mhz amplifier, being also involved in other projects like building and repairing world wide the JUMA ham radio kits.

Sometimes I am QRV at my summer house, located in Sysmä.

Besides Amateur Radio, fishing in the Lake Nuoramoinen (only 15 meters away from my summerhouse) is one of my hobbies.

Wish we could meet some day over the aether!