Packet Radio for Windows

Pr4Win (Packet Radio for Windows) is a full featured packet radio program running under Windows NT 4.0 (3.51), Windows 95, Windows 3.1, and OS/2 (WINOS2 Box).

Pr4Win can use any TNC that is attached via a serial line and supports KISS Mode (KISS, SMAK or RMNC-SLAKI) for the TNC - PC communication. (Pr4Win cannot be used with BAYCOM style mini modems.)

Pr4Win is a true 32-Bit written with Microsoft Visual C++ 4.2. A 16-Bit version written with Microsoft Visual C++ 1.52 is also available. Pr4Win uses the XVT Libraries which permit easy portability between different Operating System platforms.

Pr4Win is (and will remain) available in a free version. A registered version is available too. For questions mail to Bernd M. Stroj.