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This site is under construction - sorry! But in the future you will be able to find the following information here:
  • Personal stuff (done)
  • Shack photos (done)
  • Antenna pictures (done)
  • Contesting in Austria, scores, etc. NEW!updated for latest CQWWnews
  • AOEC All OE Contest results, stories,... (done) NEW!
  • OE-CW-G info
  • OE5XVL - my radio club (done)
  • OE5T activities (partly done)
  • TK/OE5XVL Dxped. review ī99 (finally done!)Dxpedtition Picīs!
  • and many things more...
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TK/OE5XVL-Log is online! Want to know if you are in our log?

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