Equipment EME station

Presently I am QRV only on 23cm with the offset dish. The station equipment is reduced to a minimum.

In the middle (grey case) you see my antenna control system.

Right of it (blue case) the control system for the transceiver, transverter(s), power output, temperature measuring, relay (sequencer) including several safety options necessary especially for remote control. The 23cm transverter (DB6NT) is also inside. At the lower end of the box a FuncubeDonglePro+ SDR receiver is mounted.

The FT817ND is used mainly for TX, because for RX I prefer the SDR together with Linrad or HDSDR software.

I can control all the equipment with a single PC, so for remoting the station via internet I need only access to this PC for example with Teamviewer.

OE5JFL EME station (driver and PA not on the picture, because up at the antenna)


antenna controller box....


....and inside


station control system box

station control system inside, 23cm transverter


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