Listen to some audio - samples of my moonechos

144 MHz ... CW JFL_2_CW.WAV (112k)
432 MHz ...SSB JFL70SSB.WAV (130k)
1296MHz...SSB JFL23SSB.WAV (127k)
To demonstrate what is possible with EME, I made moonecho tests on 70cm between my 10m dish with 31dBi, and a dual-dipole antenna with 10dBi, widely used as a feed for a dish. The audio samples below demonstrate the signal quality when transmitting with the big dish and receiving with the small antenna ( and vice versa).
On Nov.28th 1999 I worked DL9KR (O/O) on random within 5 minutes, using the NBS antenna. Maybe this is the smallest antenna ever used to make a 2-way random EME QSO with a non-commercial station.
After this success I wanted to try similar on 23cm. A cone was soldered to a circular W2IMU horn, resulting in 1 meter horn diameter and a gain of about 20dBi.

Here you can see the ´big´ horn made of mesh wire. It is 2.3m long, the picture below shows this ´EME´-antenna in it´s operating position: feedpoint indoors, and the cone looking outside through the shack window.

On March 19th 2000, I worked on 23cm 10 stations random within 3 hours, transmitting with this small antenna. Highlight was the QSO with ZS6AXT, who is using a 5 meter dish. I could still hear my moonechos receiving with the big dish, when I transmitted with the 1 meter horn and only 50 Watts.

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