OE3JPC - general information

logo ÖVSV amateur radio history of OE3JPC
- licensed since 1982
- class "A" license (cw) since 1983
- favorite bands: 2m, 70cm , 23cm 
- member of ÖVSV (Austrian Amateur Radio Association) since 1982
- first EME (earth-moon-earth) contacts around 1989
- various contest activities on 
2m, 70cm , 23cm
from different locations
- guest licenses in former Czechoslovakia (OK8ADY) New Zealand (ZL/OE3JPC), Australia (VK3TQM) in the early 1990s
GS35B future ham radio projects
- finishing a hight power 432MHz power amplifier with a GS35 tube (any help and hints welcome!)
- building a discone antenna for 50MHz up
- building a portable antenna system for 144MHz and 432MHz (antenna, preampifier) mainly for vacations
- getting  active an VLF (137kHz)
- ...
operator OE3JPC the operator
- born in Vienna, 1963
- lived in Steyr 1963-1967, in Vienna 1967-1980, in Laxenburg 1980-1999 (qrv from JN88EB), since 1999 in Weigesldorf
- apart from amateur radio interested in astronomy, computers,  mountain hiking, skiing, sailing, fotography,...

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