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This is the website of the Lebanese Amateur Radio Station OD5SK.

My name is Samir Khayat, I was born in Tripoli , Lebanon on  27-January-1970.    I am an Electronics & Telecommunication Engineer.Married to Basma on 9.9.99 and we have a nice and beautiful baby girl called Nouha and a lovely baby boy called Ahmad Other Call signs : KC5RYL , HZ1SK

My QTH is the city of Jeddah located at the west coast of Saudi Arabia. Grid Locator is KL91np at LAT 21° 31' 28" N - LON 39° 09' 48" E. My name is Samir Khayat . My first amateur radio call sign, which I still retain is OD5SK . I obtained my current national Saudi license Class (1) (HF,VHF,UHF All Modes) on     Nov 1, 2004.

The Government of Saudi Arabia decided to introduce amateur service in HZ Land. In this regard, the Government passed the ‘Regulations of Radio Amateur Service’ on 05/08/1424 H - October 1st, 2003 G and its ‘Technical Conditions and Executive Procedures’ regulating the service. Saudi public amateur radio licensing commenced at HZ land in 2004. The Saudi Communications and Information Technology Commission (CITC) has been entrusted with Amateur Radio services and activities in Saudi Arabia. . Ever since, being the custodians of such activities,  CITC has been the official body of licensing and handling all regulations pertinent to Amateur Radio activities in Saudi Arabia.

Locator 1 : KM74WK , Tripoli - Lebanon , 80 Km north of Beirut.

Locator 2 : KL91NP , Jeddah - Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

OD5SK QSL Information
Direct Address : P.O.Box: 180 , Tripoli - Lebanon
HZ1SK QSL Information
Direct Address : P.O.Box: 52563 , Jeddah 21573 , Saudi Arabia
E-mail : samir AT od5sk.com
QSL MANAGER For OD5SK & HZ1SK : IZ8CLM ; www.iz8clm.com


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What Can Amateur Radio
Operators Do?

Ham radio operators use two-way radio stations from their homes, cars, boats and outdoors to make hundreds of friends around town and around the world. They communicate with each other using voice, computers, and Morse code. Some hams bounce their signals off the upper regions of the atmosphere, so they can talk with hams on the other side of the world. Other hams use satellites. Many use hand-held radios that fit in their pockets.Hams exchange pictures of each other using television. Some also like to work on electronic circuits, building their own radios and antennas. A few pioneers in Amateur Radio have even contributed to advances in technology that we all enjoy today. There are even ham-astronauts who take radios with them on space shuttle missions and thrill thousands of hams on earth with a call from space!

Using even the simplest of radio setups and antennas, amateurs communicate with each other for fun, during emergencies, and even in contests. They handle messages for police and other public service organizations during all kinds of emergencies including:

  • Hurricanes
  • Earthquakes
  • Tornadoes and floods
  • Motorist accidents
  • Fires and chemical spills
  • Search and rescues

eQSL Authenticity

My OD5SK QSL card



My HZ1SK QSL card

موقع هواة اللاسلكي العرب




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