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Message from our president

Welcome to the Oklahoma City Auto Patch Association (OCAPA) website. Our parent organization is the American Radio Relay League (ARRL). The OCAPA website provides useful information and links to information that can assist you in understanding Amateur (HAM) Radio in the Greater Oklahoma City area. While ARRL is over 100 years old, OCAPA can boast of having over 200 years of institutional knowledge contained in its membership! OCAPA and ARRL provide a deeper understanding of the Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics (STEAM) of modern communications. From Crystal Radio to satellite Digital communications reflected off the Moon! Whether you already have your “Ham” Radio operator’s License and want to team up with other Hams or are interested in getting your first Amateur “Ham” Radio license and want to look at what OCAPA can offer you, OCAPA can help you!

OCAPA also has a real-time community service mission. It provides The Salvation Army (TSA) with its Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN) during emergencies and disasters. This communication service helps pass information to locate and determine the health and welfare of people in disaster areas. SATERN also provides communications support to The Salvation Army Canteen (Food Trailers) support as well as Incident Command Centers. If you have been in Oklahoma any great length of time, you know we are frequently busy! We have a real mission that we train and prepare for. As a member of OCAPA, you are a member of a team with a purpose! If you feel the call to serve in your community and like to talk, OCAPA might be the team you want to join! “First In, Last Out!”

OCAPA also provides communication support for the National Memorial Marathon for the “Run to Remember” each year. OCAPA and its members are frequently called upon to provide communications support to other non-profit organizations. Community Service is an essential part of the OCAPA Mission statement.

As President of OCAPA, it is an honor to work with such diversely experienced and motivated people for such a worthwhile set of goals. It is an organization of housewives and technicians, stay-at-home dads and engineers, military service members and those who have civilian careers and of course, those who are in school and those who have retired. The common thread is a desire to serve the community and a sincere interest in Amateur Radio! “Hams” love to talk and the World is their conversation group! If the website does not answer your question(s), I will be only too happy to help! Please contact me through the OCAPA link. If you think that what we do is something that would interest you, I invite you to come by, look it over and if you like it, become part of the Oklahoma City Auto Patch Association!

73! (“Best Regards” in Ham Code)

Joe Sieber, KE5MGP, President OCAPA

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