xpr - simple program for Amateur Packet Radio

written by Petr Bravenec, OK2PID

Xpr is simple program for Amateur packet radio. Main features:

Ftp site:


Modification by OK1ZIA

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Copyright policies

The GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE concerning this program can be read from just about any directory on most Linux systems, I suggest you read "COPYING" which can be found in any ax25-utils-version.

Bug Reports to:

[email protected]
State clearly which version of xpr, relevant hardware, video card, ram, cpu, kernel version etc. Try to be explicit about your particular problem.

If you use this program and have QSL cards, money for snail-mail and a little free time to fill in the address, please send me your QSL card to the following address:

Petr Bravenec
Lubomer 80
Spalov 74237
Czech republic

Just write to the QSL card "I use your xpr program" or something like that. This is for my "Dear wife". It's a way of showing her 1) That she is not forgotten, and 2) will show her that I do more than just "sit" behind my computer ;-)

73 and happy packeting, Petr OK2PID