NY2US  10 GHz Beacon

Microwave Section

BEACON NOW ON THE AIR 10368.138MHz +/-10KHz!! The next one will be higher in frequency.

The Beacon The Beacon high in NYC, FN20xr.

Other microwave beacon information 

Other microwave beacon information. Yes, it is housed in a CATV amplifier cabinet (great EMI and weather shielding). The tone wobbles a bit, but it still can be copied with not much difficulty. I believe that a strong nearby RF source is getting into the power supply. Are you ready for the 10GHz F1-F1 repeater? Coming soon! The location will be the same as the beacon. Sorry to those to the West but I will only be covering the East by North East @ the present time. Maybe with some help I'll add the west too.

If you are interested in chatting with other microwave enthusiast. Try the NY2US Chat room!

 last updated 14 November 1998