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SKYWARN: During periods of potentially severe weather, the SKYWARN network will use repeater 146.67 and  146.760. The National Weather Service in Shreveport operates using the call sign K5SHV; monitor this frequency and follow the instructions of the Net Control operator(s).


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Michigan Hams Activated Due to Storms and Tornado

Want to know more about D-STAR

WXSpots, a new tool in the tool chest for SkyWarn operations and weather enthusiasts is now available! WXSpots is a free, Internet based system designed to quickly disseminate observed reports of severe weather.

WXSpots is not intended to replace Amateur Radio. By it's very nature of dependence on the Internet, WXSpots can't provide data from a severely affected area. On the other hand, WXSpots can quickly communicate data from those observers just outside it. It also provides the means to help monitor local severe weather as it unfolds with many more observers able to communicate what they are seeing.

WXSpots features include

- The ability to disseminate observations quickly and efficiently anywhere.
- The ability to add the eyes of SkyWarn enthusiasts who aren't Amateur Radio Operators.
- An automated, historical record of recent observations.
- The ability to keep tabs on current observations without necessarily being near a radio.

To learn more, please visit, and be sure to read through the FAQ page while you are there!


VE Test Schedule 2010

Technician Class - Element 2 - Effective
General Class Element 3 Effective 
Extra Class Element 4 Effective 




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