Amateur Radio of Churchill County

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About Us:

The Amateur Radio of Churchill County (A.R.C.C.) welcomes you to a fun and exciting hobby of amateur radio. ARCC was reestablished in 2012 to support amateur radio, emergency communication, and the community of Churchill County and Nevada.
Formally know as the ARES/RACES of Churchill County. We have moved our mission to embrace the full hobby of amateur radio. While still support the Amateur Radio Emergency Service and National Traffic System both locally and globally.

Mission Statement
The Mission of the Amateur Radio of Churchill County (A.R.C.C.) is to recruit, train and help committed Ham Radio operators carry on the tradition of amateur radio by using our network of technical resources and expertise to provide equipment, skilled operators and emergency services when called upon by local authorities in time of need to assist and protect the citizens in the communities in which we live and serve.
ARCC is dedicated to community service and providing education to the general public about the history, operation, functions and benefits of the Amateur Radio.
Amateur Radio of Churchill County (A.R.C.C.) members adhere to the Amateur Radio creed and are considerate, loyal, progressive, friendly, balanced and patriotic.


1 st Saturday of each month
8:00 am
Stockman's Casino
1560 W Williams Ave.
Fallon, NV  89406

Sunday night net
7 pm

146.970-  pl 103.5 
441.875+  pl 123.0 
EchoLink  KE6QK-R