5KW Kohler Generator


The generator that is hooked to this Tecumseh 6 horsepower engine was originally mounted on the faceplate of a Kohler engine. The engine was not hooked to it when I found it at a local junkyard. As a matter of a fact, the rotor and back section were in two different spots in the junkyard! The front plate of the generator, see in the above photo, was supplied and mounted by NJ8V. It was a electric motor faceplate. He manufactured an amazing little alignment ring to center the plate onto the generator housing. The ring is now known as "The Power Ring" and is highly classified in the Jethro Bodine, Double Naught Spy Files. (Remember when Jethro on "The Beverly Hillbillies, wanted to be a 007 type spy? Jethro is my mentor...)

I can only get about 4 kw out of this tired Techumseh engine, it served on my ol' Wheelhorse riding mower for years. It is on its second rebuild...I'm looking for an 8 or 10 hp engine to eventually replace it, although it has been very dependable. The key to getting these old engines running right is to set the points to open at.085 inches of piston travel before top-dead center. That way the magneto fires just before TDC.

This is my biggest generator and will run the air conditioner (9,000btu) , a TV, and most importantly, the coffee pot! NC8V and I used this one field day, and it ran perfectly for the whole 24 hours, using about 5 gallons of gas. The load was only one 150 watt transceiver.