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North Georgia QRP Club!

This small, but growing, group of amateur radio enthusiasts, most of whom are within 90 miles (and more)  of Atlanta, are interested in promoting the development of the branch of amateur radio known as QRP - building and operating low power transmitters, receivers and transceivers.


The NoGaQRP club meets monthly at 10AM on the second Saturday of the month at the
Wieuca Baptist Church in Buckhead

The address is 3626 Peachtree Rd. (corner of Wieuca Rd.), Atlanta, 30336
We have reserved the activities center which is a separate building out in the back of the parking lot.  Click on the map for directions.  Click on the building picture to get the big picture.

NoGa Kitting Notice....!!!!
The NoGa Kitting operation is in the process of being moved to a new location. 
Any orders received after August 20th will not be shipped until late November..!

New Meeting Day!Second Saturday.

The next NoGaQRP meeting is scheduled for
Saturday September 10th, 2005

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P6041028 August 13 - Back to the Clubhouse
What is it?  Well you needed to be at the meeting to grasp the whole picture.  We had a great time.  Jack, K5FSE, showed off his new tennis ball launcher.  Tom Dooley, K4TJD,  moderated.  We had several items for the show and tell, gave the "L" list a good tongue thrashing, learned a little more about Ed's, N4XY,  GDMs and Harold, KE6TI, had some interesting give aways.  And Phil, K4PQC is getting slimmer all the time.
P6041028 June 4 Atlanta Radio Club Fest
We set up a booth at the Atlanta Radio Club Hamfest.
Several members attended.  Pickett and Russ set up the banner and supplied some rigs to demonstrate QRP.
April 30th, NoGaQRP participated in the 2005 QRP to the FieldThe theme this year was
"Ridin' the Rails".  We operated  from the
Southeast Railroad Museum in Duluth. 

smells like,looks like, sounds like|

NoGa Meeting - April 2, 2005 
We had a great turn out for the April Meeting. Wey brought in his rewired and good looking battery pack of 4 ea 7 amp hour batteries.  Phil brought in some lamps that he found to be of value for the shack.  He talked the store into a great price.  And passed on the "deal".
  NoGa Meeting - March 5, 2005 
Dick is listening to Guy tell us about the chances of stray currents causing damage when using a UPS for a 12 volt source and a backup line voltage supply at the same time.
NoGa Meeting - Feb 5, 2005 
It was a beautiful day, maybe that accounted for attendance being less than usual. Joe,W4JHR did a great job of chairing the meeting, Marvin brought in a lot of free goodies, and Steve contributed a number of extra door prizes, beyond the usual $ 15.00 gift certificate from HRO.
Phil continues to reduce the weight of his Sprint XCVR .

NoGa Meeting - January 8, 2005 
Great Meeting Marvin presented a lot of information on rechargeable batteries.  Guy reminded us that the Tuesday evening net is still alive and kicking.  We could use a few more check-ins.    More...

NOGA GuppyWaTTaPiG NoGa Guppy Kits Still Available !

"Genuinely Useful and Practical   qrP  accessorY".  

New "Guppette" Available

A new Kit from the North Georgia QRP Club.  The GUPPY is a semi-break-in antenna switching unit.  The circuit board and circuit details are from "W1FB's QRP Notebook" published by the ARRL in 1991.  This is the perfect companion for your Tuna Tin 2.  The GUPPY is $13.00 plus $2.00 s/h.  DX is $5.00 s/h.  Click here for details.

Check out the GuppyWaTTaPiG special.  All 3 of NoGa's electronic kits can be purchased for $40.00 plus $5.00 s/h  ($12.00 DX) if they are ordered at the same time.  See the Guppy documentation for this "ultimate" qrp accessory.

The "Guppette" is a solid state "voltage" keyer for rigs such as the TT2 and FireBall 40.  It is $2.00 when ordered with the Guppy or other NoGa product or $3.00 pp ($4.00 DX) when ordered by itself.

NoGaWaTT Kit Still Available! NoGaWaTT Kit Still Available!  The world famous North Georgia QRP Club world famous NoGaWatt Meter Kit was the subject of the first annual NoGa/Flying Pigs buildathon at this year's Four Days In May. It was also featured in an issue of the NJQRP "Homebrewer". 

The NoGaWaTT  is a QRP watt meter and SWR meter kit based on the "Stockton" design found in the 1996 ARRL Handbook pp. 22.36.  The NoGaWatt is $25.00.  ( $28.00 DX) includes shipping.  Click here for details.

smallnogapig.gif (1798 bytes) NoGaPiG Kit Still Available!  The world famous North Georgia QRP Club world famous NoGaPiG Kit  It was also featured in  the NJQRP "Homebrewer". 

The NoGaPiG  is a QRP "Power/Indicator Guard". This electronic power supply monitor protects your qrp equipment from direct shorts, reverse polarity and over voltage.  The PiG includes an LED to alert for low voltage.  This is useful during field activities where a battery change may be needed.  The PiG has a resetable Polyfuse so you don't have to carry extra fuses to the field.  The kit includes all parts except the enclosure and external connectors..   The PiG board has real estate for (parts are not included) for an electronic CW keyer and a static hiss filter for use with headphones.   NoGaPiG is $13.00 plus $2.00 s/h conus.  ( $5.00 DX).  Click here for details.

sm_nogacomp1.jpg (2760 bytes) NoGa Compendium Volume 1 - 2001 Still Available!  This publication is 117 pages of fun packed information with schematics, pictures, assembly instructions, tips and errata. It is professionally produced in a spiral bound manual that will lie flat when you are building.   NoGa Compendium Volume 1  is $12.00 plus $2.00 s/h conus,  media rate. (First Class/Priority is $4.00)  DX is $5.00.   click here for details.
Please note:  All forms of payment must be acceptable for deposit in a U.S. Federal Reserve Bank.  No items requiring bank collection will be accepted.

NoGaQRP Activity Fun Nights
 Club members meet for chatting, testing rigs, and HAVING FUN:

Tuesday night we have the 2 meter FM net.  At 9 PM on the Atlanta Radio Club repeater on  The frequency is 146.82/22 with a PL of 142.5. 
(Thanks to Guy Puckett, AF4MN for volunteering to run this net.. 9/17/2002)

Tuesday night we have the cw qrp net. At 9:30 PM Eastern on 3686.4 KC on   Join us and try out that rig.  If you don't have a QRP rig, call us with your KW or what-have-you.  But try to turn off all the power you can and HV FN.!! (Sometimes the NCS doesn't even make it but check anyway).  This is a slow speed net.  Whom ever is NCS will normally slow down to the slowest check in speed.

4.  Click here to subscribe to the NoGa email list server and keep up with what is happening at NoGa.

5. At the present time there is an informal round table (RT) every night on 3625.00 MHz.  This is a very short (and very slow) net and we generally have 3 or 4 checkins.   We exchange signal reports, review what everyone is running and some times talk about what we have been doing.  This is not a controlled net and handled like a normal round table.  The idea behind this activity was to help folks increase their CW skills so you are allowed to run QRO if it helps in this particular activity.  (as of 9/2003 and still going!)

QRP ARCI Many members of the NoGaQRP group also belong to the
international QRP club - QRP Amateur Radio Club International.
If you would like to visit the QRP ARCI web site, simply click on the symbol below.

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