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51-54 MHz (6m) Repeaters

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NM Coordinated Repeaters 51-54 MHz (6m) - Dec 28 2023

53.0100 52.0100 131.8 Farmington FM OPEN KB5ITS KB5ITS North West
53.0800 52.0800 Carlsbad FM OPEN KD6WJG KD6WJG South East
53.2000 52.2000 107.2 Jemez Springs (Canon) FM OPEN N9PGQ N9PGQ North Central
53.4100 52.4100 Alamogordo FM OPEN KA5BYL KA5BYL South Central

Labels and Abbreviations used in the tables:
MODE Repeater operating mode
DMR - Digital Mobile Radio (TDMA technology).
DSTAR - Digital Smart Technologies for Amateur Radio. DD=data, DV=digital voice.
FM - Wideband analog FM repeater.
FMN - Narrowband analog FM repeater.
FUSION - Yaesu System Fusion, C4FM digital and analog FM.
NXDN - Icom/Kenwood NXDN (FDMA technology).
P25 - APCO 25, Phase 1 or Phase 2.
ACCESS Access method used by analog FM or DMR repeaters.
Analog FM input CTCSS tone or DMR CC color code.
P25 NAC and FUSION DSQ shown in NOTES/LINKS if available.
NOTES/LINKS Repeater notes.
Linked frequency. Details not shown for all linked systems.
multi-mode - each mode listed separately as a repeater entry.
DSQ - FUSION Digtial Squelch.
NAC - Network Access Code number (P25, APCO25).
E + node - EchoLink node number.
I + node - IRLP node number.
A + node - AllStar Link node number.
USE Repeater Usage.
OPEN - unrestricted use by all amateurs.
CLOSED - restricted use or reserved to members only.