Pampanito Amateur Radio Club

Plank Owner Photo

Plank Owner Photo

Each of the twelve persons pictured above is a Plank Owner, (Charter Member), of the Pampanito Amateur Radio Club.

Listed from left to right are:

Bob Fajardo (WA6VOI), Dennis Franklin (K6DF), Joe Senft (KM6TN), Jim Pelmulder (N6PTM), Eleanor Fajardo (KA6VEU), Marilyn Bagshaw (N6VAW), Lee Williams (K6IME), Dick Thomas (AB6TJ), Rich Carbine (W6UDS), Hal Franklin (WA6CCM), Tom Horsfall (WA6OPE), Hal Strunk (WA6JNZ).

Photo taken on July 7, 1997

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