Welcome to ~~~N I 3 I's C y b e r S h a c k~~~Welcome to ~~~N I 3 I's C y b e r S h a c k~~~

First Licensed in 1987

My Equipment Consists of a Bunch of Junk
and some really good antennas

Listening for DX 18.070 + or _

Located at 40 Deg N latitude and 80 Deg W longitude (15233)
in the foothills of western Pennsylvania



 Tower & Antenna Restrictions


Online Videos by Veoh.com

Folks, Some of the links will not be working. I am updating this page (Jan 09) for the first time in years.

 Please keep checking back


I am always buying and selling  Ham gear and Vintage Toys!. 



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 Why Bill Gates is Richer than You !


There are those who work CW, and then there are the "Others"


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