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Calling CQ

Adventures of Short Wave Radio Operators
by Clinton B. DeSoto, 1941
Published by Doubleday, Doran & Co., Inc.
New York City. 291 pages, not illustrated.

I found this book in my high school library in 1973. I must have checked it out twenty times during my years in school. The tales told in this fine old book were all the inspiration I needed to become an Amateur Radio operator.

A few years ago, I decided to try and make it available online in the hope of preserving it for future generations. It took over a year of typing each and every word whenever I could steal a few minutes to work on it. Her"../desoto/original.html"="../desoto/original.html" target="new">original description of the new project. I'm very pleased with the end result and hope you will enjoy it too.

Project Completed - 29-August-1999 Read the Book! ---->

Addendu"../img/bullet.gif"alt="" src="../img/bullet.gif"> Clinton B. DeSoto, 1912-1949
Licensed in 1926 as W9KL, Clint DeSoto came to work at the ARRL from his home state of Wisconsin. He eventually became the editor of QST and enjoyed a 16 year association with the ARRL before his untimely death in 1949 (coming so"../img/bullet.gif"g alt="" s"../desoto/review.html"llet.gif">
Book Review -- 1941
Here is the original review of the book, Calling CQ from a 1941 i"../img/bullet.gif"ine.

A Vagabond Ham
About a year into the project I received an email from Peter Pegrume (ex-G3GHA) of South Africa. Peter had found Calling CQ on the Web while researching his family name. His father, Sydney Pegrume (SK-FK5CR) was living in Nairobi at the time of the filming of The Trader Horn<"../desoto/chap5.html"perience is detailed in Chapter Five of the book. Mr. Pegrume maintained contact with Clyde De Vinna, W6OJ (who was a cinematographer for MGM Pictures and used ham radio for communications as his work took him all around the world) during the filming of the movie. P"../desoto/fk5cr2.jpg"veral items of interest:

I am deeply grateful to Peter Pegrume for sending me these images. It has added a great deal of value to this project for me personally as well as for the thousands of visitors to this site.

Other Books by DeSoto

"http://bn.bfast.com/booklink/click?sourceid=496969%26ISBN=0872590011"mg alt="" "http://bn.bfast.com/booklink/serve?sourceid=496969%26ISBN=0872590011"fast.com/booklink/click?sourceid=496969%26ISBN=0872590011">Two Hundred Meters And Down
The Story of Amateur Radio
by Clinton B. DeSoto
bn.com Price: $8.00
Format: Paperback, 184pp.
ISBN: 0872590011
Publisher: American Radio Relay League, Incorporated
Pub. Date: May 1995

<"../img/readbook.gif"padding=2 cellspacing=0 align=right width="100%">
Here are of few of my favorite stories from the book, <"../img/dart.gif">. If you "../desoto/contact.html"y not print a few copies and give them to your friends?
DX didn't always "happen". The first amateur radio signals heard across the Atlantic ocean opened t"../img/dart.gif"ldwide ama"../desoto/law.html"nications using the "worthless" bands below 200-meters. Here is the story of that first contact.

The Arm of the Law
The chief engineer of one of the larger Chicago broadcasting stations was only tryi"../img/dart.gif" fellow wh"../desoto/vagabond.html"he nervous young violinist in conversation. He didn't know that potentially he was saving a man's life.

A Vagabond Ham
CLYDE DE VINNA is a born wanderer with the wanderlust in his veins and a job that allows him to obey its call. He was home in Hollywood with his family over the Christmas holidays a couple of years ago, but that was the first time in six years. Before that he has been in Tahiti photographing Last of the Pagans, in China for The Good Earth, a"../img/dart.gif" Circle ma"../desoto/ends.html", down in Africa with Trader Horn or in half a dozen other of the remote places of the earth pursuing his profession.

To The Ends Of The Earth
TO DATE no radio amateur has yet adventured on Mars or explored the craters of the moon--at least not outside the comic strips and the pseudo-science magazines. But there are very few spots on this little old earth where some ham ha"../img/dart.gif"red, from "../desoto/spirit.html"troposphere to the depths of the Carlsbad Caverns and from the tangled jungles of Matto Grosso to the ice and snow of the Arctic.

The Final Flight of the Dallas Spirit
There are many thrilling episodes in the chronicle of radio's achievements, but none more stirring than the 192"../img/dart.gif"ts, clima"../desoto/onthespot.html"llation of short-wave equipment on Captain Erwin's Dallas Spirit and the reception of its signals right up to the time of its tragic end.

On The Spot
Back on the American side of the Pacific a furious storm that struck the Oregon and Washington coasts in late Oct"../img/dart.gif"ttaining m"../desoto/hurricane.html" the mouth of the Columbia River, gave Henry Jenkins an opportunity to demonstrate all the amazing ingenuity and resourcefulness of the radio amateur.

In 1938 it was a hurricane and tidal wave that put amateur radio to the test--a tropical hurricane, the first in 150 years, that came screaming over New England, bringing death and destruction. Over Long Island and into Connecticut and Rhode Island swept the shrieking, churning vortex of high-speed air. Across Long Island and inland along an unfamiliar route the storm center sped, its cross-country velocity the swiftest ever recorded--fo"../img/dart.gif"per hour. "../desoto/flood.html" gusts of ninety--one hundred--even more miles per hour demolished flimsy structures, lifted roofs and steeples, snapped and uprooted hundreds of thousands of trees.

EACH YEAR the president of the Columbia Broadcasting System, Mr William S. Paley, awards a trophy to "that individual who, through amateur radio, in the opinion of a distinguished board of judges, has contributed most usefully to the American people, either in research, technical development, or operating achievement." The awards for the years 1936, 1937 and 1938 were each made on the basis of heroic accomplishment in emergency work. The feats performed by amateurs in winning this award are epics of courageous public service.