Amateur Radio Digital & Voice Emergency Communications Published Jan 7 2017  (1st Edition) 

Procedure Checklist Jan 13 2017

Beatty Tower New Antenna Mount Jan 23 2017TWO NEW BEATTY ANTENNAS

Beatty Tower New Antenna x 2 Jan 23 2017

Beatty Tower Additional Node Station 2017

WM3B New Digital Node Feb 15 2017

KM4YGH-10 WINLINK gateway approved Jan 24 2017

KM4YGH-10 online Feb 15 2017

KI4YGH-10 New 65 watt transmitter Feb 15 2017

NK3F New HF Dipole up & Rig Mid Feb 2017

GARC New Dipoles built & Installed flying EAST of the DENTAL TOWERS

KM4YGG/YGH --- Built not just one, but TWO go-box'ed portable VHF stations!

W4UFL -- with a bit of help, got a gobox VHF rig up and running using an ancient Radio Shack 2 meter unit.

KX4Z  Printed Circuit Board V1.0 designed and prototype built

KX4Z  Construction Manual V1.0 written & published  

KX4Z   Printed Circuit Board V1.1 with corrections, 40 copies ordered - AprilVersion 1.1 board

KX4Z   Construction Manual V1.1 written & published - April

AC4QS Built his own $25TNC using V1.1 kit -- works! -- April

KK4ACA Gus is working on a vhf GoBox hoping to have it ready for the Hurricane Test.

May 3rd Very Successful Full Scale Exercise Hurricane Test with EOC and Div Forestry Participation, 55% of local ARES participating
- After Action Hot Wash session held
-  30 "issues" identified and being resolved
-  Full After Action Report being compiled
-  Our Exercise got listed by the EOC in their lists of Training Exercises

Published Text

May 13/14  20/21  34-hour General/Extra Class Course completed -- dozen participants, went home with SWR meters, and new HF antennas,  multimeters and lots more "ham-smarts"
 -- Zawoy passed EXTRA!  

Gen/Extra Course

June 9 -- 2nd Edition of Digital & Voice Amateur Radio Emergency Communications published  2nd Edition

June 12th -- Hurricane After Action Report / Improvement Plan published on Amazon  Hurricane Report

June -- Training meeting held at EOC and FOUR emergency antennas emplaced in tree canopy south of the EOC building with significant contacts made.

July -- KM4YGH -- list of equipment for refurbishing Santa Fe College Amateur Radio Station submitted to benefactor

July 17 -- Members visited Dixie Amateur Radio Klub and made simple presentation -- invited back to demo/teach WINLNK.

July  21 -- First 2.397MHz 5MHz Bandwidth MESH Node deployed at Tom Cox's house

July 24 -- NF4RC Emergency HF Gateway brought up and working

First MESH antenna

KI4QBZ -- fallen antenna replaced July with help from KM4YGH/KM4YGG/KX4Z

July 25 -- KX4Z  has built two "training/go-box Baofeng units with their own $25TNC's  -- and a third board soldered and a fourth under construction (by 72 year old sister!)

KI4KEA -- July --- replaced 2 meter antenna

AUGUST --- Now up to FIVE hams who have passed their EXTRA CLASS and 1 Passed GENERAL

Training Meeting held and SLOW SCAN TV taught so well that hams were sending photos back and forth!  
First training on MESH accomplished --- but a goof kept us from showing how to move in and out of MESH / 2 meters with AX.25
TWO  Microwave Mesh go-systems now in working not-quite-ready-for-deployment condition.

AUGUST --- 4 mile (6 km) 2.397 GHZ 5 MHz BW successful microwave contact from the Dentral Tower Roof to NK3F-001

AUGUST -- Vann AC4QS Conducted a Digital/winlink Training Session for the Dixie County Amateur Radio Klub --- hooray for Vann!

ICS-FORMS  for the Simulated Emergency Test forwarded to Jeff Bielling who has graciously agreed to mentor us in these forms.

AUGUST --- First trials of UNPROTO  (unconnected packets)   multi-user net/chat sessions conducted successfully by Vann Chesney

Technician Course Antennas

SEPT:   KG4VWI Succeeded at PACKET AX.25 Communications!

Hurricane Irma -- Built THREE GOBOXES and staffed about 9 Hurricane Shelters

Buiding Shelter Radios

RidGid Box

STEINHATCHEE STORM -- Simulated Emergency Test --  Full Scale Exercise with deployment to Steinhatchee, portable HF Forwarding WINLINK station;  Fire Tower Relay,  MESH network

Microwave During Steinhatchee Storm

LAB N LUNCH Refurbishment of SB-100 Vacuum Tube HF Transceiver
Refurbished Radio