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Except during times of declared emergency, Amateur Radio should be Fun!

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arrowleft.gif (5832 bytes)           NERDPRESS INTERNATIONAL    Wednesday April 4th

   There was a big scare today on Route 460 in Dinwiddie.
                The pilot of a small Ultralight airplane was forced to make a
                crash landing. It happened around 11am Monday, when the
                engine locked up. There was some minor damage to the
                plane: the wing was sheared off when it landed by some
                trees and there is some propeller damage but pilot walked
                away uninjured.
                   Pilot John Belvin was out for a joy ride when the unthinkable
                happened. "Bang...Bang...Boop! And it locked up! Something
                evidently broke in the engine," the pilot said. He didn’t have
                much altitude and while he didn’t see any traffic on the
                highway. There were power lines, yet still, he put the nose
                down and prepared to land along the highway. "I was familiar
                with the area and I knew this spot over here and I could see
                down both ways, you know. And I said, ‘well that’s as good a
                place as any’ and I got room to get it off to the side," said
                   Ford Volunteer Fire Chief Alvin Langley was one of the
                first on the scene. "When I topped the hill and actually saw
                the plane on the side of the road, I took a double take and I
                said ‘uh oh!," Langley said. The pilot was uninjured and only
                minimal damage to the plane. One lane of west-bound Rt.
               460 was blocked for about an hour early this afternoon. After
               the pilot landed, authorities moved the plane off the road. The
               pilot is expected to take it back to his property and he says
               that he is going to fix it back up.



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(1) Whenever debating an issue (technical, political or anything else) with a
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