Bill Barber

8 Stevens Drive

Hudson, NH 03051-3126


Hi! Welcome to my shack. I began my interest in amateur radio at the age of 13 when I discovered a Stromberg-Carlson Short Wave receiver in the basement. It had been my grandfatherís and he used it during the 1930s and 1940s to listen to WWII broadcasts from the BBC. After a few "new" tubes and a longwire antenna, I was receiving the short waves and ham radio operators. Sometime later, in March 1961, I passed Novice test and received the call sign WV2ROJ at my home in Katonah, NY. By June of 1961, I was doing 20 wpm and passed the General Class test and received the call sign WA2ROJ. This call sign stayed with me until March of 2000 when I decided to get the shorter call sign representing my new home of 25 years in New Hampshire. Sometime in the mid 70ís I upgraded to Amateur Extra Class.

I am an ARRL Life Member and also a member of the Radio Club of America. Professionally, I am a member of the Association of Public Safety Communications Officers and IEEE VTS and Communications Society. I installed the first Cellular Test Systems in New York and Washington, DC in 1973 for Motorola. These were the earliest tests of the handheld cell phone which were successfully demonstrated to the press, FCC and members of Congress. That was a very exciting time. I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Bob Galvin, President of Motorola during our work in Washington. In New York, I worked in a meeting with my old HHRL radio club friend, Bill Leonard, W2SKE, VP CBS News. One of his first questions was "will it work at Wounded Knee?" That was a current news story in 1973, one which was a challenge technically for reporters. Since that time I have been involved in the design and implementation of major statewide communications systems across the Northeast.

My interests in amateur radio are across the spectrum. I am active from 1.8 thru 450 MHz, All Modes. I am operating a Voice over IP Echo Link Node # 15837 which is interfaced to my VHF Repeater System.

My primary interests are:

  1. HF DX SSB & CW
  2. FM Repeaters
  3. 80/160 mtrs DX
  4. Dxpeditions




I have the following Awards:

DXCC Mixed, Phone, CW, Honor Roll, 5BDXCC, 80,40,20,15,10, WAS, WAC

DXCC Mixed: 337 Confirmed, 332 Current

Countries needed (3):

  1. North Korea (P5)
  2. Andaman & Nicobar Is. (VU4)
  3. Scarborough Reef (BS7H)

HF Rigs: FT-1000MP, TL-922A Amp, IC-706MKIIG Mobile

HF Antennas: 4el. Monobander on 20m. @ 22mtrs, 3 el. Tribander @ 16 mtrs., 3 el. WARC 12/17 beam @ 19 mtrs., 40 mtr dipole, 80 mtr Inverted Vees, 160 mtr Vertical, Beverages.

Logging Programs in use:

  1. MiLog
  2. LogWindow
  3. Writelog

Here is one of my favorite DX locations in the Bahamas where I hold the call sign C6AWB.


Repeaters at my QTH are: 53.130 MHz, 147.105 MHz, 447.725 MHz Hudson, NH FN42HT

Other Licenses/Certifications: FCC First Class Radiotelephone, PCIA

QSL Direct or via Bureau

My email address is via my NE1B call sign @

I will not write it here in that format due to spam mining of websites.

73 de NE1B