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Felix the Cat - the famous “first feline” of television

Mission Statement:

  • Promote 32-line Narrow-band Television  (“NBTV”)  among ham radio operators, using the NBTVA standard, especially on the VHF and UHF bands.  Our club callsign is NB4TV.
  • This form of TV has been around since the 1920s, and although it was considered to be technologically obsolete by the middle of the 1930s, its use in today’s ham radio environment ought to be reconsidered.  It requires considerably less bandwidth than the usual 4.5-MHz analog “NTSC” television signal.  The reduced definition is not really much of a handicap for the typical person-to-person applications used by hams.  With personal computers and modern software supplanting the romantic but cumbersome spinning disk mechanical scanners of yore, NBTV would be a practical and easy means of achieving image communication.

Important Links:

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Last updated on 17th November, 2012.
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Felix the Cat - the famous “first feline” of television
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