Signalink USB and Yaesu FT-857D

This webpage details how to set up the Signalink USB and Yaesu FT-857D for digital operation.

First, you need the Signalink USB if you plan to do sound card digital modes. The Signalink USB is an external USB sound card and radio interface.

For the FT-857D, you will need the Signalink 6-pin mini din cable. Set up the jumpers in the Signalink USB accoring to the guides on their website ( or follow the picture below...

Before you close up the Signalink USB, do the following:

Behind the RX control, there is a jumper (JP2), place it on both of it's pins.
Behind the TX control is a jumper (JP3), it should be on one pin only.
Behind the PWR switch (about halfway back on the board) is another jumper (JP4), place it on both pins.

Close up the Signalink USB, connect it to your computer, and follow the set up instructions in the manual.

Once you have it set up, connect it to the FT-857D.

To set up the rig, do the following:

For any digital sound card frequency, set the frequency and set the mode to DIG.

Got to Menu #038, DIG MODE. Set as follows:

For for most modes, set Menu #038 to PSK31-U for USB modes and PSK31-L for LSB modes.
For RTTY AFSK, you can use the same settings as most modes, or for a tighter bandwidth, set Menu #038 to RRTY-L or RTTY-U, according to LSB or USB.
For any of the above modes, if you change frequencies and modes from a USB to a LSB mode, you must go into Menu #038 and set it properly.

For sound card packet, you set the rig to PKT using the MODE buttons on top of the radio.

For modes like SSTV, EasyPAL, and other modes where you need to use your mic, the best solution is to save the digital
frequency and mode in a memory, then let the next memory be for voice on the same frequency.

One other note, the FT-857D DSP system DOES affect the rear panel data jack. If you notice a hole in a waterfall or narrow pattern, check to see if your DSP Notch (DNF) or DSP Band Pass Filter (DBF) is on.

When you begin to adjust your TX audio levels, use the TX control on the Signalink USB along with Menu #037 DIG GAIN in the FT-857D.

For help setting up your sound card software for your Signalink USB, see my page at

Hope to "see" you on digital!

de NA4IT