NA4IT HF Mobile Setup

K4POZ Screwdriver Antenna

I bought this antenna used from a local ham.
The mount it is on originally was designed for  multi-band Hustler setup.

Wide view:

Bottom rear, showing mounting and balun:

Side view, showing top mount:
(2 SE Cable straps, 1 rubber 2" pipe coupler)

Side view of mount:
(Yes, the spacers are RG-59 adapters! Junque box specials)

Icom IC706MKIIG head mounted mid dash:

IC706MKIIG body mounted above drivers rear fenderwell:

The body of the rig is mounted with the rear panel towards the rear seat.
That way the seat can be laid down and a TNC with computer plugged in for digital operation.

The VHF / UHF antenna is a shorty with a NMO hole mount center of the roof.

All cable with the exception of the separation cable and scredriver control run inside the driver's side
panel where the jack is stored, and exit beside the seat belt retractor hole, just above the radio.

Since I authored this page, a couple of changes have happened. The radio has been replaced
with a Yaesu FT-857D, but is mounted exactly like the 706 was mounted.
In my opinion, the FT-857D has a better receive, because of the DSP being more adjustable,
and the TX audio on 2M and 70CM is much cleaner.
It is a little more "menu intensive", but I leave Multi Function Row "m" (IPO, ATT, NAR)
selected, and tap the DSP button on top to toggle between the DSP and "m" menus,
as I have found these are the ones I use the most.

Also, I have had three of the lexan weather shields break in a short period of time.
I elected to replace it the last time with a length of 3" thin wall PVC drain pipe and two flat end caps,
all available at Lowe's for around $10 or so. Pictures of the new item are below:

Side view:

Top view:

Bottom view:

As you can see, the caps are not glued to the pipe, but instead very short sheet metal screws are used,
in case the antenna ever needs serviced. A regular 3/8" drill bit was used to make the top hole,
and a Roto Zip tool was used to cut to larger bottom hole.
This shield has been on since the first of 2009, and has exibited no problems, and still looks good.

Also, the antenna control switch got mounted with double sided tape on the driver's side of the console: