The Multi-Band "Fan" Dipole

(NOTE: I no longer run this exact antenna, but highly recommend it for small lot settings. I now run a full size 160M dipole (;-))
This is instructions on how to build a multiband dipole with a single coax feed.
They also include instructions for a 160M antenna that will fit in the space that a 75M dipole will with almost as good of results as a full size 160M dipole!

OK everyone has been asking how I put out such a good signal with only 100 Watts?
Read on!

This is an antenna that WA4PNI, Evan Ray, built and installed for me. It is a mulitiband antenna, made up of 2 dipoles, one center insulator, and fed with only one coax.
It covers  40M, 75M, and 160M.

{Note: This antenna works best with the center at close to 40ft. The ends can be as low as 6 feet with good results.}

The materials list is as follows:
14 gauge solid wire (a LOT of it)
(1) Jim Black WA4YTU center insulator (NOTE: The Jim Black company is now owned by Lynn McConkey, WA4JTD.)
(4) end insulators ( store bought, or made from Plexiglas, pvc pipe, etc.)
(2) coil forms, 1 1/2 inch PVC pipe, approx. 10 inches in length
66 feet (or more) 16 insulated wire
Rope (lots of it)

And here are the lengths of wire you need for each dipole (per leg):
75M=64 feet

The 40M/160M dipole is constructed as follows (per leg):
40M wire between center insulator and choke=33 1/2 feet
160M wire between choke and end insulator=30 feet

The 40M/160M dipole choke is constructed from an 1 1/2 pvc pipe 10 inches long with 33 feet of 16 insulatedt wire wound upon it. 

The tuning procedure is as follows (an MFJ antenna analyzer works very well for this):

The antenna must be fully assembled with the exception of the 40M choke and 160M wire and raised to operating height and the legs "fanned" out, inverted "V" fashion. (Yes, this may take some time!)
Start with 75M and resonate dipole. DO NOT cut off the wire at the end, just fold it back!
Next do the 40M dipole.

Repeat just to make sure!

You may have to raise and lower the center many times. None of my ends are over 12 feet high!
Now, attach the 40M chokes, and the 160M wire.
Now, check the 40M dipole first. If you have to shorten or lengthen, it must be done BETWEEN the choke and the center insulator.
Once you have it, do the 160M legs.
Then go back over all the bands starting with 160M, 75M, 40M.

While this antenna can be made resonant on 160M for a few frequencies, more n 75M, and almost all of the SSB portion of 40M, you will find a good tuner is still needed to move around on the bands.

This antenna performs pleasingly well. On 160M & 75M, in most locations in TN, AL, GA, NC, KY my signal is at least S9+ (sometimes "+" a lot!) 

In WA4PNI Evan's words, "There is NO substitute for a resonate antenna!"