Proxim Symphony From Hell

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Do as I say, not as I do.


Overview - The power amplifier is mounted on the back of the card, out of the way of the sensitive oscillator sections.  There is normally a shield over the entire power amplifier circuit, but was removed for the pictures.  I also replaced the antenna jack with a SMA jack.  Digi-Key part number ARFX-1232-ND works perfectly.


Overview of the power amplifier circuit board.  RF input is on the left and output on the right.  DC power input is on the bottom.  Complain about the soldering and get slapped upside the head.


Closeup of the RF output.


Closeup of the RF input.


Overview of the coaxial connections.  The stuff on the left is a RSSI output jack and a transmit LED.  The top two coax bundles are for the receive pre-amplifier (covered elsewhere).  The bottom two (which are hard to see) are the connections for the power amplifier.  You'll notice that the amplifier output connection is soldered in the middle of the 50 Ohm stripline.  This was done because it was just to hard working in the cramped area.


Tap point for +5 volts DC on the Symphony.

New Stand Alone 2.4 GHz Power Amplifier


Overview.  DC regulation and filtering is on the left side, RF2126 amplifer IC is on the right side.  Case is from an old California Amplifier MMDS LNA.


Close up of the voltage regulation, 6 volts here, and the power supply line filtering.  RF input is on the top.


Close up of the RF2126 amplifier IC.  The PC board pattern was hand drawn.  RF output is on the right.