Under RF Shield - 1

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[sym_pic-2]  Scary FCC label crap.

[sym_pic-3]  Oops... the label fell off... note the variable capacitor.

[sym_pic-5]  Void.  Word.

[sym_pic-10]  Under the large RF shield.  Receive section to the right, and receive pre-amplifiers in the middle.

[sym_pic-11]  Under the large RF shield.  Picture 2

Closeup under the large RF shield.  Large IC is a LMX2240.  Silver rectangle in upper part of the picture is either a crystal or filter.  It has a Murata logo.  The 6-pin IC on the left is the RF power amp, it's a MGA-83563.

[sym-closeup-1]  Closeup of the 2.4 GHz LPF, PIN diode switch, 50 Ohm strip line, output matching network, and dropping resistors.

[sym-closeup-2]  Closeup of the RF input to the MGA-83563, and the input attenuator pad.