GBPPR 0 - 1000 MHz Spectrum Analyzer

An experimental spectrum analyzer based around the work done by W7ZOI & K7TAU.

Mostly based on junk box or easy to find, low cost components - hence the sloppy design.  This is currently an in progress project.  It will probably never be finalized and always updated.

Prerequisite reading from the original W7ZOI & K7TAU QST articles : August 1998 and September 1998.

Block diagram overview (12k GIF).


New Version

Rework of the original design using (mostly) the same components.  Does not have any spurs.

See the Motorola MC3361 datasheet for a simple, narrowband FM demodulation schematic.  Use a LM386 for the audio amp.


Original Version/Prototyping & Waveform

New Version

Tracking Generator Add-On

Block diagram overview (6k GIF).

Tracking generator pictures.




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