GBPPR POWER 64 kbps Wireless Serial Data Modem

Another experimental wireless data project.  Should be easy to build (if it works), data rates could even hit 115.2 kbps.  Frequency is arbitrary, and is only limited by bandwidth/bandplan considerations.

None of this has been built yet until I can figure out a few bugs.

I have no idea how to properly inject RS-232 (serial port) data into a VCO, if you know how to do this, please contact me.  The whole loop filter/data injection area is quite flaky.

On the receive side, I not sure what to do with the data slicer output signal, I'm just amplifying it and applying it to a MAX232.

I'm also not sure where to get a good PTT signal from computer's serial port.

Some of the parts can be found in old cellular phones (964 MHz VCO and filter), 900 MHz cordless phones (903/927 MHz filters and IF filters).  Everything else should be easy to track down.

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