GBPPR Portable Antenna Mast System

Portable antenna mast system using 1-inch diameter PVC conduit and couplings, housed in an old military ammo box, which acts as a stand for the antenna.  Really cheap and really efficient.  The PVC sections store inside the ammo box for transportation.


Close up shot showing the antenna mast mounting hardware.  It's standard hardware you can buy at any hardware store or even Radio Shack.  This particular antenna mast is made up of five 17-inch long PVC sections (with four couplers).

It's also possible to us larger diameter pipe on the bottom to help extend the height and stablize the antenna mast system.


Overall view, with a semi-complete Ramsey DA25 450-2500 MHz discone antenna.  The antenna has its own PVC section and coupler which is epoxied together as a unit to make removal easy.


Close up of the Ramsey DA25.  It was modified by removing the flanged outer edge on the top section of the antenna.  There are also a few turns of coax wrapped around the small PVC shaft to act as a current balun.  The included BNC plug connector will be replaced with a TNC jack.

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