GBPPR AutoFox Controller

The most boring part of fox hunts (transmitter hunts) is always having to transmit at pre-determined intervals.  This little project keys a radio at a pre-defined interval and plays a recorded message.  This helps meet the requirement of required audio transmissions during a fox hunt.  You can still use another radio on the fox frequency to give hints, blabble, sing songs, etc.

Click on the picture for a larger view.

GBPPR AutoFox Schematic  (55k PNG)  All parts, except the 74LS74, are available from Radio Shack.

[fox-3]  Outside view.  It is built into an old MMDS downconverter case.

[fox-1]  Internal view.  The large IC is an ISD1000A, the IC above that is the 74LS74 and the little 8-pin IC is the 555 timer.

[fox-2]  Closer view.  The top output is the relay for PTT key, below that is line audio input and finally the microphone input.

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