About the Repeater

The N9UWE repeater is located 8 miles east of Danville, IL. The repeater is a Johnson CR1000, the power out is 50 watts and the frequency is 443.450+ Mhz (88.5 PL). The antenna is a dual band Comet GP9 side mounted at 250ft on a commercial tower owned by Neuhoff Broadcasting, Danville,IL.

EchoLink and IRLP

The machine is an Irlp node. Node number is 4670.
It is also an Echolink node. Node number is 1703.
These two feats are accomplished on Linux with software called EchoIRLP. Once the node is being used for EchoLink, all IRLP facilities will be unavailable. The node (when idle) can receive a call from either the IRLP or EchoLink networks. To obtain a list of active EchoLink node numbers, click  here. This is an open repeater, all licensed radio amateurs are welcome to use it, however please contact me via email or on the air for the access codes to use EchoLink and IRLP.

APRS Digipeater

The Foster site is also home to the N9UWE APRS digipeater transmitting 25 watts from an Alinco DR 1200T data radio on 144.39 Mhz and using a Kantronics KPC-3 tnc. For the antenna it uses the 2 meter side of the Comet GP9 at 250ft.


Special thanks goes out to David Baird (wa9pds), Don Russell (wa9eic), and Neuhoff General Manager Mike Hulvey. If it wasn't for their generosity the tower site would not be available. Thanks to Lynn Osterbur (no9z) for his work in the early stages of the repeaters development. Also the repeaters existence would not have been possible without Ben Fisher's (k9bf) generosity and hard work, Ben put the repeater together and donated it. Thanks to the repeater engineer Dennis Gray (ka9ibs) for his tireless dedication to perfection. He has made many improvements to the repeaters performance.

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