Photos of some of my Rover adventures

January ARRL VHF Sweepstakes 1998, my first time out as a Rover. I wouldn't suggest starting out as a Rover in January, but hey, we made a few QSO's!

My first Rove, EM78, January VHF Sweepstakes

My partner Troy, N9RMJ, at the mic. EM78, January VHF Sweepstakes


This photo is from the 1998 CQWW-VHF in July, I believe. I should have more photos of this time out if I could find them! We were set up in this photo in the parking area of a local hamfest.



In the 1998 September VHF QSO Party I had some trouble with the driven element of my homebrew 3 element yagi for 6 meters. But hey, it worked for about 40 QSO's from a hilltop in EM69! Sometimes you have to improvise!

Droopy driven

Scenic view

Here are some shots from the 2000 ARRL September VHF QSO Party. I set up the rover station in my driveway and activated EM78 from there this contest. Everything worked well until I tried to raise my 2 meter beam, my heavy homebrew 6 meter beam, rotor and mast by myself! I knew I shouldn't have tried it, but I could hear 6 meters opening and I got greedy:-) In one of the shots behind the truck on the ground is the remnants of my 6 meter beam after it came crashing down. I had to finish out the contest with a dipole for 6.






Here are some shots from The January 2001 VHF Sweepstakes. I didn't have much time to operate in this one. My Rover Partner, Amanda Brooke Evans, age 3, was much more interested in the recent snow fall than that darn radio stuff. But we did build a real cool snow man:-)







After a long hard Rover adventure.


And finally some more recent photos:-) These are from September 2004:

Just arrived at grid EM78bp http://www.qsl.net/n9rla/em78bp.jpg

Starting the contest on site of the Louisville hamfest EM77dx http://www.qsl.net/n9rla/fest1.jpg

And another angle: http://www.qsl.net/n9rla/fest2.jpg