Ken Raymer's Genealogy Records
Raymer family genealogy records from PA, KY, NY, Canada, France/Germany and more. Also various spelling such as Raimer, Ramer, Roemer and Rohmer.
My goal is to find links between these various Raymer families.
If you have information about any of the families on this site, please contact me at:
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There are also records for Hickam, Webb, Rodgers, Craft, Black and many more families on this site.

Index of Surnames

Index of Persons

Raymer Roots Newsletter..Volume 1 Number 1
Raymer Roots Newsletter..Volume 2..No.1 & 2
Several libraries have the Raymer Roots Newsletters on microfilm, but as far as I know this is the only place they can be found on-line. More volumes to come as time permits.
Many of the people found here are also included on my other genealogy site at:
On that site I include notes, census data, family stories and other genealogy material.
However, this site does include names not found on the other site.