PSK-80 "Warbler"

I recently purchased a "Warbler" kit from Small Wonder Labs. It is a low power (2-4 Watts) rig for PSK31 operation on 80M. It operates just above 3580 KHz where most of the PSK31 activity is. It's cheap and relatively easy to build. Most of the parts are through hole, but there are two 8 lead surface mount chips. It was fun to build, taking me just a few hours over three days.

My first QSO was with someone in Virginia. Like most QRP QSOs, it was rocky. It had a better QSO later with a ham in Hannover Park, IL. He called it "big DX", we must be 25 miles apart at most.

Warbler 80 M PSK31 Rig
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page last modified Feb. 5, 2007