Cheap QSL Cards on Your Inkjet Printer

I've been using QSL cards that I print myself on my inkjet printer. I layed out 4 of them on a page and print them on 110 lb card stock. Then I cut them up using a small papercutter. It works good, the cards are cheap, and they look like what ever you want. The only limit is your creativity. You can even do double sided photo cards this way.

  1. Download this template for Microsoft Word
  2. Add your own callsign, address, county, and grid square.
  3. Add a small (105 pixels wide by 128 high) picture, maybe of yourself, where the outline of my head is.
  4. Look it over, make sure nothing in any one of the cards goes past the middle (note small hash marks at top and bottom of the card at the middle)
  5. Save the file and hit print. Set the Properties for the printing to be of higher quality (I use the second highest "normal" on my HP inkjet). Hit OK and watch the card come out the printer.
  6. Cut up the card using a paper cutter. Cut the card in half first along the hash marks in the middle of the long sides. Then cut the small strips from the top and bottom of the half along the hash marks. Then separate the two cards by cutting along the middle hash marks remaining. You should now have 4 test cards that are about 5.5" by 3.5".
  7. If the test cards look OK, then load your printer with a sheet of card stock and print another sheet.

Happy QSL'ing!

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page last modified October 27, 2009