Field Day 2006 at K9MOT

The Motorola Amateur Radio Club operated class 1A on the Motorola property in Schaumburg, IL. Here are a few photos of the setup K9MOT mast raising

Setup is easy when you can borrow two trucks with pneumatic antenna masts from the research department. We had the beam for 20-15-10 M, an 80 M loop and a 40 M wet noodle. The 80 M loop goes between the two trucks.

K9MOT beam and mast

Note mast on the left supported by a foot under the front wheel of the van. The 40 M wet noodle antenna extends from the mast to the pneumatic antenna mast on the research truck. feedline support

This a-frame holds up the balun connecting the open wire line from the wet noodle to coax going to the truck.

antenna views

The antennas show up pretty well in this photo.

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