It has come to our attention there is a business on our frequency, and a man that has a foul mouth. He talks like a sailor. If you hear this man, please contact me as I will register a complaint with the FCC. I have heard him and can't catch any call letters. You need to take the tone off your radio to hear him, so please, if you are near your radio during the day listen for this guy and lets rid the airways of this kind of person before this becomes another CB type radio.  Also, check the experation date of your license and renew accordingly. We plan to start doing news letters again and will be back on the air in the near future.  If you have anything you would like put into the news letter, email us at the club address: [email protected]

Have a good rest of the month & 73...

Also....   be advised any talk of politics, religion, gun crap will not be tolerated, allowed, etc. If you must, get on your fricken phone!

Please e-mail us at the club address for information:  [email protected] 

Also check out the NSEA website......

We will try to upgrade this newsletter every month. (Still not happening?)

Spring not far, What a February! Enjoy and be safe... Happy Day's !!!




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