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Slow Scan Television

Probably my second favorite mode (right behind HF Fone) is slow-scan television (SSTV) using the computor's sound card.Although my primary interest is HF, some of us have been working 2 meter SSTV. The biggest differance , other than being shorter range, is the need for an interface to key the rig. Otherwise we have gotten some good pictures. I plan on posting some of them and some more info soon.

Here is a pic sent to me on 2 meters by N8ER.

This is a picture of the workbench in his shack.

It's "noisy" because we were on simplex and I did not have a very good antenna.

Here is a pic I recieved on 20 meters (14.230 mhz). This pic is a little noisy also but for different reasons.

Here's some pictures I've copied off the air.

SSTV Links

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This is the program that was used for the contacts shown above.

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HF-FAX Worldwide Radiofacsimile & SSTV German site (in English)Amazing amount of SSTV webcams(left menu to "SSTV" then "SSTV Web Cams")

RSGB- Radio Society of Great Britian's SSTV page

ALABAMA NAVMARCORMARS Very nice amd simple MMSSTV tutorial from Alabama Navy-Marine Corps MARS !

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And now for something totally wierd

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