Welcome to the N8ULP website.

Now, a little about me. I live here in Waverly, Ohio with my wife KD8HFD. I am out here on about 6 acres so I have plenty of room to play with various antennas. Right now the radios are an Icom 718 and a Kenwood TS850 going into a MFJ 961 450 ohm ladder line to a flat top dipole at about 60 feet. This antenna is 67.5 feet on each leg. A real easy antenna to build and works pretty good from 80 thru 10 meters with a tuner. I also have a resonate 20 meter dipole at  about the 50 foot mark.  I like to rag chew on 75 and 40 meters and of course Do Digital and analog SSTV on 20 meters. Please tune into the latest pics RX here at the shack below.

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