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This is the new web site of John Boluyt ARS N8EOD

Complements of QSL.NET

The station at N8EOD has the following equipment

A.R.S N8EOD with my old FT 757 GX 2

Here is the station as it looks now!

The station with the new computer and HDTV

For H.F. I use a Yaesu FT-897 and an FT 847
with an all band dipole and for QRP I bought a Yaesu FT-817 with a Waters and Stanton ATX Walkabout antenna for 80m to 6m. I love the new FT-817 and highly recommend this rig for any one interested in QRP. 

My 2 Meter antenna is a Ringo Ranger up about 50 feet

My New FT 897 this rig does it all 160 meters to 70 Cm

Now with my new IC 9100 Icom with Dstar

In the shack I have 2  Pentium PC's for internet access and packet operation 1 running Linux NOT! Windows and 1 running Windows 10 Professional

I also own a Dstar Repeater here in Grand Rapids Check it out HERE


at 7:02pm EDT  5/23/10 23cm has been put on the air just took 3 years and a lot of money 


The Tower of WM8TG



Now I have a new Grandson And a new Icom IC7850LE 


I have been a member of the ARRL now for 30+ years.

Contact me at [email protected] or on 147.160 machine or Dstar in Grand Rapids, MI in the rare case I am home with the rig on.

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Remember! I have A FT 817 What do I use as an Antenna? Go here to find out!! It works GREAT!