Alabama APRS Digipeater and IGate Map


Map Created on 30-APR-04


This map contains digipeaters, Internet Gateways (range circle not included), and other stations providing digipeater coverage in the state of Alabama. A few digipeaters do not exhibit a range circle because their PHG information is not programmed correctly. We encourage all digipeater owners to transmit their digipeater coverage area to other users on APRS.

If you know of tower space availability in areas not covered by APRS digipeaters, we would like to hear from you. Send a message to N8DEU.



Full Time Internet Gateways in Alabama


Call Sign Location
N8DEU-4 Huntsville
WB4FAY-4 Birmingham
KE4LTT Montgomery
K4RY Auburn


If your IGate does not appear in this list, it may not be identified with the correct Icon or overlay. Please drop me a message at N8DEU to be included in the list.



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