I am not in anyway affiliated with these products, nor do I receive any compensation from the manufacturers. These are just products that I have personally used and have found that they perform very well and are worth the price paid for. The MFR. links posted here are just for your convenience to quickly view the product for your consideration






STREAMLIGHT - make a wide variety of flashlights, from the serious rescue version, that will light up an item from 20 feet away so well you read the fine print. to some very rugged standard hand-held flashlights as well as the "Top Spot" headlamp for hands free light. I have used several of their products, both professionally and personally and they work well. 

EVEREADY - Lately has come out with a very decent economical sturdy plastic hand flashlight that is available in "D" "C" and "AA" sizes. These lights have a very bright beam and have proven reliable for us for over a year. If the batteries in it are good- it lights. These are available at most Wal-marts and K-marts.

POCKET TOOLS GERBER -Precision made, I've had one of these tools for a couple of years and it is great for many uses. very handy to carry on your belt. works well.